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01st Jul 2016

A certain celebration in FIFA 17 is going to make a lot of people happy

It was bound to happen

Matt Tate

This year’s FIFA/PES battle is looking to be as hotly contested as ever, but we think the latest game-changing reveal from EA will have a big say in the battle  of the football games.

Yes, we’ve been promised some significant enhancements and upgrades to gameplay, and yes, for the first time ever we’re getting a FIFA story mode (approved by Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford). Liverpool and Manchester City fans will also be amused to hear that Manchester United’s Anthony Martial is somehow rated lower than stuttering winger Memphis Depay, who hardly featured all season.

But none of that stuff comes close to the news that, wait for it, FIFA 17 sees the arrival of the dab celebration.

We’re going to assume that most of you are on board with dab-mania, but for the uninitiated, dabbing is a hip-hop dance craze that started over in the States last year and has since made its way over the Atlantic. Basically, bend your arm and drop your head as if you’re trying to sniff the crease of your elbow, and you’re on the right tracks.

Here’s real-life Pogba with the perfect demonstration.

It almost doesn’t bear thinking about how many cocky thirteen-year-old kids are going to spring this celebration every single time they stick one past you online, but just go with it – there’s no escaping the dab.

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