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09th May 2016

These are the 4 games you should play this week

Game on.

Carl Anka

It is a HUGE week in the gaming world.

Gamers can enjoy the returns of Nathan Drake and the iconic shooter DOOM, amongst others.

It’s a shame the weather is so good, because all we want to do is sit indoors and play games all day.

What will you be playing?

Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 (Playstation 4)

Nathan Drake is back for one final adventure. The Uncharted series defined the Playstation 3 era with their combination of pitch perfect platforming and smart gunplay. One of the most visually impressive series of all time (some of the missions in Uncharted 3 were SPECTACULAR),  Uncharted 4 marks not only one of the biggest game releases of the year, but one of the Playstation 4’s biggest moments to date. This is the big blockbuster gaming event we were promised when we all upgraded from the PS4/Xbox 360 era. Unmissable for Playstation 4 owners (soz Xbone peeps).


Inks (iOS)

A gorgeous new spin on the pinball genre, Inks offers up over 100 pinball tables to play through as gamers paint their way through challenges and leave levels looking like Jackson Pollock paintings. A calming treat.


DOOM (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC)

One of the granddaddies of gaming is back in DOOM. The original 1993 shooter is one of the most widely played (and ported) games of all time, and now the series is getting the Triple-A shiny reboot treatment. Promising big, crispy, dumb fun and bloody shoot scares. One to play for months. Not to mention it looks darn pretty.


Battleborn (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Yes it’s another shooter, but Battleborn comes from the people behind Borderlands so it’s well worth your attention. A beautifully designed multiplayer shooter designed to be a fun alternative to COD and Destiny fans. Wonderfully balanced and fun to play for every sort of gamer.


What games will you be playing this week? Let us know at, or drop us a message on Facebook.