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25th Dec 2017

You’ll kick yourself if you get this simple Premier League question wrong

There's a twist

Ben Kiely

Any Premier League fan worth their salt will get this question right.

For today’s teaser, we’re asking you a very simple question. Can you name every team that’s played in the Premier League and has not been relegated from the Premier League from its inception in 1992 until the November 2017?

We’re giving you a full six minutes to guess all 11 clubs. While this seems like a very long time considering what’s being asked of you, there is a catch.

If you name a club that has been in the Premier League and has been relegated from it, the quiz will end.

Remember, if you get the answer correct, which we’re sure, a lot of you will do, don’t spoil it for everyone else. Nobody likes that guy. That guy’s an asshole.

If the quiz does not display properly below, just click here