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14th Nov 2016

You can’t even take a leak in peace when you’re a UFC champion. Just ask Michael Bisping

No such thing as alone time.

Darragh Murphy

The one saving grace for Michael Bisping is that the prying fans kept their lenses aimed at his face when he found out the hard way that he shouldn’t have entered a public restroom in New York last weekend.

One would have thought Fox might have a bathroom reserved for its analysts who were covering UFC 205 on Saturday night but that was seemingly not the case as Bisping was forced to slum it with the paying customers when nature called.

As ‘The Count’ relieved himself at a Madison Square Garden urinal, he was surrounded by excited fans who wanted to loudly express their support for the Brit at a slightly inopportune time.

If he was annoyed, Bisping did a good job of hiding it as he seemed to love the singing and chanting while he made his way to the sink to give his hands a quick wash.

It was almost two years to the day since Bisping was submitted by Luke Rockhold in Australia and since then he’s gone five fights undefeated, avenged that defeat, claimed and defended the UFC middleweight title and found out in no uncertain terms that he can’t even take a piss in peace anymore.

That’s when you know you’ve made it.

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