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19th Nov 2020

You can now buy a shirt for your mates who are awful at FIFA

Wayne Farry

If you don’t have a friend who needs this, then YOU need this

The FIFA series is, for many of us, seminal in our memories of our childhoods and adolescence. We have spent more hours than we care to admit playing in Career Mode, online and in person against our friends, winding each other up and securing bragging rights up until the point that our powers for some reason desert us and we cannot string two passes together.

Most of us, we like to think, are pretty good at the game. All that time spent playing FIFA surely must have been for something, but unfortunately, for some people, that simply isn’t the case.

Some people out there are simply shite at FIFA, and there is nothing they can do about it. No amount of practice, no amount of games against the CPU, no amount of difficulty lowering can prevent them from having their arses handed to them every time they sit down to play their mates.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all bad, because this Christmas there’s a gift you can get for them that is tailor made: the ‘I’m Shit at FIFA’ t-shirt, courtesy of RedBubble user Exxi.

The product, which is as simple as it is damning, comes with the tagline: “We all know a player who sucks at playing FIFA… show your love for him/her.”

Like all the best gifts, it is beautiful in its simplicity and costs just £14.96. But in all honesty, you cannot put a price on the perfect gift, especially when it has the potential to wide up a mate as much as this will.