Get you someone that looks at you the way Shaqiri looks at Jurgen Klopp 3 years ago

Get you someone that looks at you the way Shaqiri looks at Jurgen Klopp

Sometimes a look says all you need to know, as Xherdan Shaqiri no doubt knows

You can look at a person's face and tell whether they despise you, love you or simply think you're an oddball who should stop looking at their face. The eyes, and the expression, says it all.


This is as true with footballers as it is with us regular losers. When Roy Keane looked at literally anyone on a football pitch, you just knew he wanted to rip their heads off rather than invite them around for dinner.

And when Cristiano Ronaldo looks at his teammates you know full well that he wishes he was looking at himself.

We saw the perfect example of this on Sunday as Liverpool played against West Ham United at Anfield. With the scoreline at 3-0, Liverpool introduced new signing Xherdan Shaqiri, the stocky Swiss forward who looks like Mr. McGreg from The Simpsons.

Preparing to take to the pitch, Shaqiri can be seen bounding around on his legs, hyping himself up for the big occasion. It is at this point that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp enters the frame and puts him around Shaqiri and pats his face in a gesture of encouragement.

Then comes the smile. That damn smile. If you didn't know any better you'd think Shaqiri was a toddler looking at his father, or a dog looking at its owner, or someone looking into the eyes of God for the first time.

But no, it's Xherdan Shaqiri looking at Jurgen Klopp, and it's the purest thing you'll see today.