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06th Apr 2016

Wraith Rovers: JOE’s team of ghost footballers

They've got great team spirit

Tom Victor

We’ve heard about footballing horror stories, but ghost stories specifically?

With Fabian Delph revealing that he has seen at least four ghosts in his lifetime, it got us wondering – are there any spirits hiding in plain sight?

It turns out there are plenty of contenders, and their names suggest they’re not even trying so hard to mask their secret identities.

Kasper ‘the friendly ghost’ Schmeichel

A fresh-faced youngster whose career Manchester City attempted to kill, Schmeichel has risen from the ashes of his Eastlands career to find himself on the verge of Premier League title glory.

Jonathan Spectre

The former West Ham man was prone to appear when least expected. The most obvious example is when he popped up with two goals in a 4-0 win over former club Manchester United.

Spook Shaw

He only had his leg broken by PSV’s Hector Moreno. Or at least that’s what we thought.

Daemon Duff

The pallid complexion. The tendency to appear from nowhere. The otherwordly power of being able to relegate Newcastle with an own goal. The evidence is all there.

Bastian Schweinslimer

Born in 1984, the year Ghostbusters was released, the German has struggled for form and fitness as the reboot of the classic has drawn closer. Coincidence? We think not.

Ghoulio Baptista

The Brazilian can currently be found in Orlando, home of Disneyland and the Haunted Mansion. We’re sure he finally feels at home now.

Sebastian Polter-geist

The QPR striker adds some German mysticism to proceedings. Opposing defenders have discovered this season that the 25-year-old is often responsible for physical disturbances.

Bristol City v Queens Park Rangers - Sky Bet Championship

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that’s only seven players. But you’re not counting the others (pun intended) who will ghost in from the flanks (pun unavoidable).