QUIZ: The JOE Wikipedia Quiz - Champions League Edition 2 years ago

QUIZ: The JOE Wikipedia Quiz - Champions League Edition

Die Meister/Die Besten/Les grandes équipes/The champioooooooooooooons

That music. There's just something about it.


Does it make me mildly aroused? Does it, gun to my head, make me feel as though I could take on a grizzly bear in a fist fight... and come out of absolutely fine?

Does it, deep down, make me want to clean out a fancy pants striker with his socks above his knees into some Gazprom hoardings? Does it make me feel like I want to accomplish absolutely nothing else in my life, other than that? To feel some icy Belgrade rain run down my face and sting my eyes as I go straight through the ball, then the player, then the corner flag, crash into the Gazprom signage, pick myself up, rub the grass off my knees, accept the high-fives off big Sandro Nesta and Dida, and scream at Marek Jankulovski to get back on the near post for the corner?

Does it?

It does. That's what that music makes me feel.

So here's a Champions League edition of my world famous Wikipedia quiz, which many have tried, and since failed, to imitate.

I would wish you all good luck, but I like seeing people fail miserably... so, yeah. Enjoy, I guess. Anything less than 15 and you belong in the Europa League.


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