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11th Jul 2018

Wigan Athletic’s new kit is a welcome blast from the past

Wayne Farry

We’re living in the second golden age of football kits

It’s an undeniable fact, with the benefit of hindsight at least, that the 1980s and 90s were the golden age of football kits.

We had the beauties that graced Italia 90, the trippy evolution that was USA 94 and the more rectangular designs that took to the pitches of Euro 96, and now – thankfully – we have the kits of today.

While this summer’s World Cup in Russia has given us some jerseys that will forever go down in history, we now have another edition in the form of Wigan Athletic’s new home kit.

Designed by Puma, Wigan – who were promoted to the Championship as League One winners last season – will take to the field in a new blue, green and white number, borrowing heavily from one of the best kits in their history, from 1995.

The kit features white arms with a blue trim next to a thick green line, as well as the team’s traditional blue, and continues a trend of national and club sides taking inspiration from their old kits to improve the new incarnations.