Why Erik Lamela wore odd boots against Chelsea 1 year ago

Why Erik Lamela wore odd boots against Chelsea

It's not a superstition

Tottenham made it through to the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup on Tuesday night, beating Chelsea on penalties.


Chelsea took an early lead through Timo Werner, with Cesar Azpilicueta sending Sergio Reguilón back to Madrid with a neat turn in the build up.

But from that moment on Tottenham grew into the game and were the better side throughout the second half. An emergency dash to the toilet from Eric Dier midway through the half could have cost Tottenham but the England centre-back was spared further embarrassment as his teammates held firm while he did his business.

Erik Lamela levelled the scoring in the 83rd minute with a neat back post finish, slotting in Reguilón's cross.


And viewers noticed something strange about Lamela's boots on the night - they were different. Not different colours, different models of adidas boots.

The Argentine forward wore an older F50 ADIZERO boot on his weaker right foot and the more modern Copa 19 model on his left.

In his post-match interview, Lamela explained why he wears odd boots, explaining that it's not a superstition but due to a problem in his right foot.


"No, no. I have a problem with my right foot," Lamela explained.

"[adidas] are making a new boot for me. I'm still waiting. It should arrive tomorrow.

"So, at the moment I'm playing like this."