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19th Jan 2017

Who better than Vince Vaughn to demonstrate one of the rarest submissions in UFC history

The only man for the job.

Darragh Murphy

Oleksiy Oliynyk was always going to be the one who registered the first ever Ezekiel choke finish in the Octagon.

Having already secured 10 Ezekiel chokes in his career prior to last weekend, the technique was only ever going to rear its rare face in the UFC via the arms of the Russian heavyweight.

And when mounted by opponent Viktor Pesta on Sunday night at UFC Phoenix, Oliynyk seized the opportunity.

Out of nowhere, and in what is universally viewed as the worst position in grappling, the 39-year-old caught Pesta unawares and forced the tap with a choke more typically seen in traditional gi competition.

Wondering how Oliynyk managed to pull this off?

Well look no further than the star of such films as The Break Up, Fred Claus and Swingers to fill you in as Vince Vaughn has been enlisted by Rener and Ryron Gracie to show how it’s done.

To begin with Gracie student Vaughn, who has been training in Jiu-Jitsu for almost a year, played the role of Oliynyk as Ryron Gracie played from top position while Rener explained where the pressure comes from.

Enjoy, learn and go watch Old School again because it’s a great bloody film.

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