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24th Nov 2016

What on earth is Andy Cole doing in Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving message?

This was unexpected.

Darragh Murphy

What better way to express the concept of national unity in the United States of America than by calling on a Manchester United legend?

President-elect Donald Trump delivered a message to Americans on Thursday to mark Thanksgiving and, of course, he enlisted the help of Andy Cole to get his point across.

Who else but the man with 121 goals for United to express national pride?

Who else but the 1993/94 Golden Boot winner to represent freedom?

And who else but the player who absolutely despised Teddy Sheringham to sum up the concept of unity?

It was the perfect fit but, we must admit, we were still taken aback and forced to rewind when we saw the smiling face of a scarf-brandishing Cole pop up at the 48 second mark of Trump’s Thanksgiving speech.

The sight of a “One United USA” scarf at Old Trafford was enough for Trump to offer the former Newcastle and Blackburn striker a role in his video which is primarily made up of Trump supporters, American flag trousers and signs with “Make America Great” scrawled across them.

It’s weird.

But it does make you wonder whether or not Dwight Yorke could have swung the election for Hillary Clinton.

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