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19th May 2017

We’ve absolutely no idea who Robert Huth was getting at with his tweet about FA diving bans

But some Arsenal fans seem to think they do...

Simon Lloyd

Any player found guilty of diving in English football will face a ban from next season.

Under new rules, passed by the FA during its annual general meeting on Thursday, a panel will judge whether a player has dived by reviewing footage. Suspensions will be handed out to those players that are unanimously found guilty.

The news has been welcomed by many, including Leicester defender Robert Huth. Tweeting a screen shot of a BBC Sport story about the new rule, the 32-year-old said: ‘Great news, add pretending to be injured and crying when you lose and we are really getting somewhere!’

As our headline makes perfectly clear, we here at JOE have no idea who (if anyone at all) Huth is getting at with this tweet. However, plenty of those that saw and retweeted it seemed to be under the impression this was a dig at Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez.

Only a few weeks ago, Huth’s own goal gave Arsenal a 1-0 win over Leicester at the Emirates. In the dying minutes of the game, Sanchez dropped to the ground after being struck by a Christian Fuchs throw in, and appeared to be in agony in the seconds after being struck by the ball.

The Chilean was widely mocked for his reaction, with Huth himself appearing to make fun of it at the time.

Judging by the replies to his latest tweets, some Arsenal fans seemed to think this latest tweet was another swipe at the former Barcelona man.

In response, some chose to remind him of the role he’d inadvertently played in helping Arsenal gain three points towards their (probably unsuccessful) top four chase.

Others chose to remind him that some of his Leicester teammates also had a recent history of appearing to go down rather easily.

A sensitive bunch, football fans.