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12th Jul 2016

West Ham fan pays £50 for a stadium seat – but it’s covered in bird poo

Shit, and you know you are

Tom Victor

You may remember West Ham United auctioning off anything and everything after leaving the Boleyn Ground at the end of last season.

Sadly, it seems some fans didn’t take the time to read the small print.

When it comes to collectibles, many prefer an item to be untouched, in the exact condition it was left in with all blemishes intact. True to form, the club told fans that all items would be delivered as displayed.

That included individual stadium seats, with season ticket holders given first refusal on theirs for £50.

Of course, when you’re buying something which has been exposed to the elements, there are a few other things you need to consider.

‘What, you mean like bird shit?’ we hear you ask. Yes, like bird shit.

That’s what happened to one Irons supporter, posting in the Knees Up Mother Brown forum about his purchase.

‘…they seriously couldn’t have a Dettol spray and give them a wipe!!.’ writes ‘baggs1981’, after quickly glossing over the fact that he forked out £50 for a plastic seat from a football stadium.

It’s almost certainly the club’s best bit of business since convincing Sunderland to give them £8m for Anton Ferdinand.

Feature Image: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images