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22nd Dec 2016

We’re not sure why Newcastle have run an Alan Pardew sacking story

Sticking the knife in.

Tom Victor

As a football club, covering your own manager’s departure is to be expected. Covering another club getting rid of the man in charge, less so.

Newcastle United fans and Alan Pardew enjoyed a mixed relationship during the several years the former Magpies boss spent on Tyneside.

We can’t say we expected the club to rejoice in his exit from another job, but perhaps we were naive.

Certainly, after spotting this on Newcastle’s official site, we can’t help but picture the person who wrote this piece typing out every single word with a big smile on their face.

Sure, every opening paragraph of a news story on the site is in large font, but the words ‘Former Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has been asked to step down as manager of Crystal Palace’ still look like they’re being shouted.


As for the following paragraph – ‘The Eagles have struggled this season, having finished 15th last term, and Pardew has now left Palace just three days before Christmas’ – we’re sure that’s just a sincere presentation of facts and not an example of schadenfreude whatsoever. No siree.

Oh, and don’t get us wrong, Toon fans were enjoying it as much as the club were.

As were fans of…well…most other clubs.