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29th Jan 2018

Wenger was spotted in London this weekend and he’s being compared to a fashion model

James Dawson

He’s no stranger to cool.

For all the talk of his decline and criticism about whether he’s still capable of managing at the very top level of English football –  #WengerOut etc – there is one universal truth nobody can deny about Arsene Wenger: he’s French and therefore he’s cooler than you.

This remains as true for him at 68 years old, as it did back when he was smoking cigarettes in the dugout as Monaco manager – more Camus or Sartre than cold, rainy night in Stoke.

As if he needed to prove his continued chic, the Arsenal manager was out in London this weekend and naturally people were all raving on social media about his look.


You can’t buy je ne sais quoi.