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18th Mar 2017

We have reached peak Arsenal: There are TWO planes with banners arguing above West Brom game

This is amazing.

Nooruddean Choudry

Wow. Just wow.

If you thought Arsenal fans were unique in the world of football you’ve seen nothing yet. Not only has ArsenalFan TV become so huge that the club responds to their complaints and the likes of Gary Neville addresses their fans, but now they’ve taken to having twitter arguments in the air.

You may be aware that there’s a plane flying over the Gunners’ game with West Brom on Saturday. Well, believe it or not, there’s actually TWO. Yes that’s right. They’re having a fucking row in real life using actual aircraft and 10ft high lettering. There’s even hashtags FFS.

Firstly there’s a banner reading: ‘NO CONTRACT #WENGER OUT’…

…but secondly there’s another countering: ‘IN ARSENE WE TRUST #RESPECTAW’

As the youth are inclined to say, ‘scenes’. We’ll keep you posted about any further airborne tweets as we get them.