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21st Dec 2016

Definitive proof that Claudio Ranieri is Philippe Coutinho’s father…or he’s a time traveller

What is this witchcraft?

Nooruddean Choudry

You can’t argue with science.

Philippe Coutinho is a very talented footballer who was born in Brazil in 1992. Proud Roman Claudio Ranieri is the charismatic manager of the Premier League champions who was 41 years old in the same year.

Now Ranieri was plying his trade in Naples at the exact point in time when Coutinho was born in Rio de Janeiro, so that probably rules out any direct parental link – so the only possibly alternative is time travel.

Many have suspected that the Leicester boss and Liverpool ace was one of the same person – or part of the same family tree at least – for some time now. Of course folk would dismiss them conspiracy theorists but whatever.

The evidence has always been compelling…

However, now there is definite proof that there’s definitely a mysterious link between the two – and that is almost definitely a direct biological one (…or Claudio/Philippe are on some sort of Marty McFly dual timeline).

‘Philippe Coutinho’ was at a snazzy party with his Liverpool colleagues on Tuesday night, but he let the cat out of the bag by donning a pair of fashionable spectacles.

These, working in opposite Clark Kent style, gave the game away and showed him to be the very spit of a young Ranieri. We finally have definitive proof, and this is definitely not a slow news day…

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