Wayne Bridge has got one hell of a jab on him 3 years ago

Wayne Bridge has got one hell of a jab on him

The John Terry jokes were always going to do the rounds...

It was suggested that Wayne Bridge had been picturing Terry when the former Chelsea left-back took to the ring for Sport Relief on Friday night.


Bridge was matched up with Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews and put on an incredibly entertaining charity fight after months of training.

Matthews was the wilder fighter over the three two-minute rounds while Bridge displayed some legitimately solid technique on his way to a unanimous decision victory.

Bridge's jab was the most impressive weapon in his arsenal and it repeatedly penetrated Matthews' guard but the ex-England international also forced two standing eight counts following a pair of furious flurries in the second and third rounds.

White-collar boxing bouts often lack technique which is understandable as it takes several years for boxers to hone their skills but Bridge's jab was singled out for particular praise.




After getting his hand raised, Bridge was humble in victory as he praised the other contestants who underwent dedicated training camps for a phenomenal cause.


"He was a lot better than I thought he was going to be," Bridge said of his opponent.

"I knew he was confident. Everyone knows he's a confident guy. I was quietly confident but nervous, I'm sure he was nervous as well.

"I take my hat off to all the other five people who got in this ring because it takes a lot of bravery.

"I take my hat off to anyone who boxes. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done. You can hit a bag but stepping in that ring is ten times harder.

"I'd like to thank my trainers - Sam, Charlie and Mark - and thank you to everyone who donated!"