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20th Jul 2018

Watford unveil new kit by sending it to fans for free

The Hornets have knocked this one out of the park

Kyle Picknell

Now this is how you announce a football kit

Watford Football Club has rewarded all of their loyal away following after announcing their 2018/19 away shirt in a novel way – by sending to directly to the fans before it has even been released.

All of the Hornets supporters that boasted a 100% attendance record on the road – that’s 19 away games in total last season #quickmaths – were rewarded with the new jersey, a striped forest green number, as well as a letter from club captain ‘Big’ Troy Deeney that he presumably didn’t actually write thanking them for their support.

They obviously will have had to guess sizes, and it’s no good little Timmy being handed an XXL, but supporters are free to exchange their shirt in the club store should they not fit.

With the current state of modern football, ranging from overpriced tickets to overpriced pies to having to visit places like Stoke-on-Trent (thankfully no longer a curse on the Premier League), this makes being a true supporter of your football club just that bit easier.

Other teams, take note. This is how you do it.

(Not actually sure about the shirt though, are you? Yeah, me neither. Looks like a freshly mown lawn. Good thing it’s free. Can’t complain if it’s free)


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