We don't care who you are, Luis Guillorme is cooler than you 4 years ago

We don't care who you are, Luis Guillorme is cooler than you

When his teammates were ducking for cover, this 22-year-old stood up and acted like a man.

If a bat came hurtling towards you at a professional baseball game, your natural reaction would probably be to get the hell out of the way and save yourself. That's totally normal. It's basic human instinct to remove yourself from the danger, no matter how embarrassing it may look.


Luis Guillorme of the New York Mets is not your average human.

During his side's MLB game against the Miami Marlins, the young prospect had one of the finest moments of his fledgling career, and it had nothing to do with the actual game itself.

Miami’s Adeiny Hechavarria's grip came loose when he was batting causing the bat to slip out of his hand and go speeding towards the Mets' dugout. The players in the trajectory of the flying head-basher all ducked for cover... except one.

As casually as ever, Guillorme reached his right arm out, plucked the bat out of the air and without moving the rest of his body or changing the calm expression on his face, lobbed it back to the batter in the same movement.

Check out the astonishing one-handed catch in the video embedded below.