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23rd Nov 2016

Yannick Carrasco’s soul-stealing piece of magic might actually scramble your brain

We could watch this on repeat until the end of days

Ben Kiely

What in the actual fuck is this wizardry from Atletico Madrid star Yannick Carrasco?

We sincerely hope you look back on the career of PSV Eindhoven defender Santiago Arias fondly and remember the good times, because he has sent on a one-way trip to the shadow realm on Wednesday night.

The all-expenses paid excursion that lasts an eternity was provided to him by Carrasco, as the Eredivisie side suffered a 2-0 away defeat in the Champions League to the La Liga giants.

While the 24-year-old was trying to mark the modern day wizard on the right channel, the Belgian cast a mystical curse upon him using nothing more than his two enchanted feet and the match ball (which may or may not have also been enchanted).

As you can see from the clip below, Carrasco opened a portal straight to the underworld and callously sent the defender down there to party with Lucifer and the boys as he danced gleefully past him.

Thank God there’s a slow motion replay on the end of this clip, we couldn’t process what had happened when we watched it in real time .

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