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27th Sep 2015

Watch UFC fighter faceplant after failing to tap out in time to standing rear naked choke

He just crumbles...

Darragh Murphy

The only submission at UFC Japan was pretty damn unique.

The rear naked choke is the most commonly finished submission in UFC history but there was something a little bit different about Keita Nakamura’s victory over Li Jingliang on Saturday night.

Nakamura is rather fond of the RNC, having previously finished 14 of his 31 victories with the technique and he showed sublime squeeze after taking the back of Jingliang in the third round of their welterweight contest.

The standing rear naked choke typically ends up on the mat as the defending fighter either looks to shake his/her opponent off by bending forward and letting gravity do its work or becomes so weak that he/she drops to the ground under the weight of their new fleshy rucksack.

None animated GIF

But the Nakamura/Jingliang fight ended up on the ground in different circumstances as the Chinese fighter failed to tap in time to the submission, fell into unconsciousness and dropped face-first into the mat.