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08th Oct 2015

Watch this female NFL presenter call out sexism in American sports media

Kevin Beirne

The NFL has a serious problem with player conduct across the board.

At least one NFL player has been arrested every month for the past six years – a record which extends to 15 years if you only take the months that the season is actually running through.

So when Greg Hardy returned from a suspension handed down for domestic violence after throwing his then-girlfriend on a pile of assault rifles, you might think that the Dallas Cowboys player would try to distance himself from anything relating to his crimes.

But not only did he say he hoped to come out “guns blazing” in his return, he also took time to talk about the attractiveness of an opponent’s wife. The worst part was that nobody seemed to care, as reporters even encouraged him to talk about the looks of another player’s wife.

FOX Sports presenter Katie Nolan was understandably unhappy with the response of her media colleagues – as well as the NFL itself – as you can see in her brilliant response below.