Watch the moment a hen party crashed the BBC's Olympic coverage 5 years ago

Watch the moment a hen party crashed the BBC's Olympic coverage

When you're a sports presenter, you have to be prepared for a lot of things.

But we doubt Dan Walker has seen anything like this in his time with the BBC.


Walker was at the helm for BBC4's late-night Olympics coverage live from Rio de Janeiro when a hen party caught his eye.

The group of rather loud women seemed to delegate the bride to join the presenter.

Flanked by her cheering friends, 'Maria' was given an impromptu interview by Walker in what must have been the most surreal moment of both of their evenings.


Anyone watching at the time will have been amused by the bizarre goings on and will have likely expected that to be the last they heard of Maria and her friends.

Well, that wasn't quite the case.


After a night's sleep, no doubt filled with head-scratching and wondering whether that really happened, Walker woke up to a message from the bride-to be.

For his part in the festivities, the presenter has earned himself an invite to the wedding.


It just goes to show that whatever happens in sport, it always finds new ways of surprising us.

After all, we're fairly confident that Walker didn't expect to be invited to a Brazilian wedding when he started his shift earlier that day.

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