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10th Apr 2017

WATCH: Stoke fan labels Liverpool supporters a disgrace and blames them for ruining game

"What those lads have done today, they've dragged Liverpool's name into the dirt."

Nooruddean Choudry

Did you see Roberto Firmino’s thunderbastard of a strike against Stoke over the weekend?

Firstly, what a hit. The Brazilian’s bullet of a shot was a strong contender for goal of the month. Secondly, well done. Because if you did see it, you clearly have x-ray vision of some kind to see through the thick blanket of crimson smoke.

If you haven’t got the foggiest what we’re on about, don’t worry. It seems that the only person whose view was obscured by plumes of red mist was a peculiarly furious Stoke City supporter who claims Liverpool fans actually caused the goal.

Speaking to Redmen TV, the irate home fan – complete with red-and-white striped beard – was full of righteous indignation complaining about the away supporters actions in letting off a flare with the ground. According to him, it was a game-changer and a disgrace:

“When your lads let them flare off mate, I aren’t being funny but we’re in the South Stand behind them flares – it’s a disgrace. You’re a club with history; you’re a club who people respect; you’re a club who go out there and set standards.

“And what those lads have done today, they’ve dragged your name into the dirt. Because I used to respect Liverpool…but those flares physically changed that game. We could not see the ball behind that goal – that affected the players…”

As you can imagine, the comments were received with due mockery…