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02nd Dec 2018

WATCH: Scott Arfield receives red card for sliding knees first into Hearts goalkeeper’s face

Scott Arfield received a red card for his moment of madness as he charged into Hearts goalkeeper studs first this afternoon

Reuben Pinder

Obviously, he was sent off

Scottish football is strange; the quality varies hugely. Celtic, for example, wouldn’t look out of place in the Premier League, while the teams down the bottom of the Scottish Premiership are closer to League Two’s standard of quality.

But whichever team you’re watching in Scotland, you’re never far from something absolutely bizarre happening.

This week, it was Scott Arfield’s turn to provide us with a horrible, weird, dirty moment of madness.

Rangers were 2-1 up, and the Canada international was charging down the Hearts goalkeeper in what we all assumed was an attempt to poke a potentially loose ball home.

Zdeněk Zlámal managed to keep hold of the ball, preventing Rangers from doubling their one goal cushion. But that didn’t stop Arfield from charging in, full speed ahead, studs first, straight into Zlámal’s face, did it?

No. it’s didn’t. Arfield couldn’t resist the chance to go flying into the opposition goalkeeper, for no other reason but to be a shithouse, apparently.

Watch it in all its glory below.

Oh, and yes, he was of course sent off for his actions. Rangers went on to win the game 2-1 against the Edinburgh side.