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10th Apr 2017

WATCH: Phil Neville manages to piss off both Everton and Manchester City fans with Ross Barkley comments

Oh dear...

Nooruddean Choudry

We know that Phil Neville clearly has a fear of sudden jets ofĀ water.

But after his comments over the weekend, he many want to avoid but Everton fans and Manchester City supporters too. That’s because his somewhat outlandish views on Toffees’ young midfielder Ross Barkley haven’t gone down well at all.

For quite a mild-mannered pundit in general, he was scathing of the element of the Goodison Park faithful who don’t especially rate the player, complaining about his inconsistency and ineffectiveness when it matters by claiming he “hates the people who don’t rate Ross Barkley…”

But worse was to come when he compared Barkley, a player of obvious talent but someone who takes 12 touches of a football when one will do, to Manchester City and Belgium maestro Kevin de Bruyne. This statement was met with derision and mockery in equal parts as being somewhat wide of the mark.

Poor Phil…