Watch one pedestrian cause a huge pile-up in cycling race 6 years ago

Watch one pedestrian cause a huge pile-up in cycling race

Always look both ways before crossing the road.

Not just a throwaway phrase your parents drum into you as a child, as it turns out. Sometimes, if you haven't stopped to look, you might miss a massive cycling race going on in your blind spot.


How do you miss thousands of cyclists speeding towards you? No idea, you'd have to ask this guy.

With the peloton approaching a crossing during the Tour of Qinghai Lake in China, one pedestrian decided it would be a good idea to sprint across the street in front of the cyclists.

It's easy to misjudge speeds and distances, but not by this much.


As you can probably guess, he didn't make it even halfway across to the other side of the street by the time the damage was done.

China is not the only place where pedestrians and cyclists haven't seen eye-to-eye, of course.

You may remember not that long ago seeing Tour de France leader Chris Froome taking matters into his own hands and straight-up punching a spectator who had the temerity to start running alongside him.

If you don't trust yourself around two-wheeled vehicles, perhaps you're best off staying at home whenever a race like this passes through your town. That way you'll at least manage to avoid the worst-case scenario.

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