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04th Jan 2017

Notts County have conceded the same ludicrous goal against Cambridge 3 times in 13 months

This is bonkers

Ben Kiely

They must have learned by now that they can never pass the ball back to the keeper against this team again.

Whenever Notts County play Cambridge United, their supporters must get an awful feeling in the pits of their stomachs. For at this stage, they must know that they’re almost certainly going to concede a certain type of goal that is more likely to wind up on the end of season blooper reel than the highlights.

The Magpies have lost their last three games to the U’s starting with a 2-1 loss in April 2016 which was followed by a 1-0 defeat in November and on Monday, and the run continued with a 4-0 hammering on Monday. Remarkably, in all three of those losses, Notts County have managed to concede pretty much the exact same goal.

It begins with the ball being played back to the goalkeeper, has an attacking player blocking his attempted clearance down and ends with the depressing finale of the ball winding up in the back of the net. That’s right, in little over a year, they’ve seen this type of goal scored against them by a Cambridge United player an astonishing three times.

The execution was slightly different each time, but you can essentially see three versions of the same goal in the video embedded below.

If that’s not impressive… well, it’s probably something else.