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25th Mar 2017

WATCH: Not even scoring in a Liverpool shirt stops Michael Owen from being the butt of every joke

Steven Gerrard with the assist

Ben Kiely

Football fans never forgive and they never forget.

The cardinal sin that will see you go from hero to zero by your club’s fans is joining the bitter rivals.

Unfortunately for Michael Owen, those three seasons he spent at Old Trafford in which he didn’t do all that much (except win a Premier League and a League Cup trophy) is still being held against him by Liverpool fans. The bitterness reached the point where his inclusion in a Liverpool Legends team to face a group of Real Madrid old fogies really rubbed people the wrong way.

However, he’s still playing in the club’s jersey, so a goal would probably be enough to convince fans that he isn’t a total piece of shit, right? Especially if Steven Gerrard was the supplier of said goal, surely!

Seemingly not. Despite rolling back the years and banging in a goal just like the good ol’ days, some fans just can’t get past the whole United phase of his career.