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31st Mar 2017

WATCH: Neil Lennon gives one of the most awkwardly tense press conferences you’ll ever see

Sticking to his guns

Ben Kiely

If looks could kill, Neil Lennon would be a mass-murderer.

The Hibernian boss has a death-stare that’s on a par with anyone. It’s arguably up there with that of Roy Keane’s.

Catch the Northern Irishman in a bad mood, and be prepared for the inevitable daggers.

That’s exactly what journalists were treated to during Lennon’s post-match press conference following his touchline bust-up with Morton manager Jim Duffy.

The game ended in a massive brawl sparked by a reckless challenge from Morton’s Kudos Oyenga which he followed up with flinging himself to the ground after Darren McGregor appeared to graze him with his head. Everyone got involved included Lennon and Duffy.

Lennon sat down in the press room absolutely fuming to defend his actions. In his eyes, he did nothing wrong in the melee.

“When you’ve got a wave of people coming in your face for not doing anything wrong then you will stand your ground. I’m sorry, but I’m not having it.”

“He’s come all the way from his technical area into mine. I haven’t done anything other than shout at his player.I have every right to do that. He would do exactly the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot. And then, to compound it, the boy feigns an injury as if he’s been really head-butted. That is disgraceful. No wonder I was angry… come on!”

“If it comes to blows, it comes to blows. I wasn’t starting it. If it comes to blows it comes to blows.”

That UFC Scotland card can’t come soon enough… oh wait! Check out the presser in all its glory below.