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04th May 2017

Nate Diaz reopens war of words with Conor McGregor by making shocking claims about UFC 202 defeat

The Notorious will not like this

Mikey Stafford

Perhaps this war of words will deliver what the fans want: a third fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

McGregor is currently on hiatus from the UFC as the two-weight champion prepares to become a father and continues to negotiate a superfight with retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather junior.

For his part Diaz has not fought since losing a majority decision to McGregor at UFC 202 in August of last year. That was a rematch after Diaz had shocked the MMA world by stepping in at short notice for Rafael dos Anjos and submitting McGregor at UFC 196.

McGregor took exception to a video emerging of Diaz and Mayweather exchanging jokes at his expense on a video call earlier this year.

“Nate’s a bitch. Nate’s a fucking bitch, and let me tell you why,” he said. “I had the biggest respect for Nate – and I still have big respect for Nick, he’s out doing his thing – but when [Nate] took that phone call or that video call from Floyd Mayweather, and was like, ‘hello Floyd’s fans,’ he was Floyd’s bitch that night. I was like, you fucking pussy. You absolute pussy.”

On a special episode of the MMA Hour on Wednesday night, Diaz responded to McGregor’s attack in typical Diaz fashion, first telling host Ariel Helwani that he only took that call from Mayweather after smoking a joint before going on to make some big claims about McGregor’s performance at UFC 202.

The Stockton native claimed that McGregor was close to quitting during the second stanza of their five-round battle at the T-Mobile Arena.

Diaz claims McGregor was crying during that second round in Las Vegas.

“He’s the fucking bitch,” he said. “You’re the fucking bitch, Conor. You fucking got your ass whipped and you’re running around like, ‘I’m the two-belt champion, I overcame adversity.’

“I’m like when? When you were quitting in that second fight? In the third round, he was making sounds like, ‘urgh, urgh.’

“He’s like crying. You know what I’m saying? When you’re a fighter, you understand. You know when somebody is being a little bitch.”

You can watch the whole interview below, the UFC 202 account comes at 38 minutes.