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26th Nov 2018

WATCH: Muay Thai fighter stops referee and opponent with same fight-ending flurry

Darragh Murphy

Before fights, the referee instructs fighters to keep competing until he/she waves the bout off

But what happens when the official is unable to bring an end to proceedings?

On Saturday night, Gou Dakui took it upon himself to end the fight after stunning both the referee and his opponent in his Muay Thai clash with Super x Sitsontidech in Thailand.

They say that refereeing in combat sports is a thankless job as they often get criticised for stoppages while receiving very little praise and the third man in the ring last weekend found out just how hard the job can get when he was brought to his knees after an unexpected roundhouse kick.

The incident took place in the second round of the Max Muay Thai bout, which ended when Gou landed a devastating right hook on Super X, forcing him back into the ropes.

As the referee jumped in to try to save Super X from any further punishment, he was greeted with a foot to the nose and fell to the canvas in pain.

Gou ran to his corner as both Super X and the referee attempted to gather their wits from the mat before staff members and medics rushed into the ring to tend to the pair.

After it became clear that neither could continue, the fight was rightly waved off and Gou checked on both his opponent and the unfortunate official, who has never had a rougher day at the office.


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