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07th Jan 2017

Watch MMA fighter callously use cheap shot to score brutal three-second knockout

As grimey as it gets

Ben Kiely

There’s nothing against this cheap shot in the unified rules of MMA, but it doesn’t make it any less lousy.

Prior to every MMA bout, the referee will call both competitors to the centre of the cage to ask them if they understand the rules and to also offer one official moment of sportsmanship before they try to render each other unconscious for the fans’ enjoyment.

The man in the middle may rattle off a spiel such as the following before the carnage kicks off:

“We’ve been over the rules in the dressing room, you know exactly what I expect. Protect yourself at all times. If you want to touch gloves, touch gloves now. Let’s do this.”

However, a lot of fighters will go one step further to show their respect to their opponent. Often you’ll see one guy extend his hand to his adversary just after the opening buzzer ring for another glove touch. This happened at WBK during the clash between Bakhtiyar Barotov andĀ Ibragim Khalilov at WBK 22 on Saturday, but when Baratov outstretch his fist, Khalilov swung his.

One cheap shot. One punch. Three seconds. Game over.

The replays captured by combat sports GIF wizard @Grabaka_Hitman only confirm the cheap move in the lead up to the finish. There’s no doubt that he took advantage of his opponent deliberately letting his guard down in order to land flush with the haymaker.

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