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23rd Jul 2018

WATCH: Mexican team scores while opposition celebrate offside goal

Always keep an eye on the assistant ref, always

Wayne Farry

Monarcas Morelia have had an absolute mare here

They say in football that you are at your most vulnerable after you have just scored. Your team is exultant, you begin to relax and concentration can decrease as the high of scoring flows through your veins.

That is certainly the case for Mexican side Monarcas Morelia, of the Liga MX, except without the whole scoring part.

Morelia were facing Toluca in a Liga MX match on Sunday when they were awarded a free-kick about 40 yards out in the 90th minute.

The ball was swung beautifully into the Toluca box, where it was met by the head of a Morelia player and tucked into the back of the net. Understandably, Morelia’s players erupted into wild celebrations, running to the corner and jumping on each other.

Unfortunately, during these wild moments of joy they failed to notice that the linesman had raised his flag, leading to the referee to award a free-kick to Toluca.

The home side though were acutely aware of this and proceeded to take the free-kick before sprinting up the field, where they would meet Morelia’s goalkeeper standing halfway inside his own half after being himself caught mid-celebration.

It is at this that Toluca’s number 34, midfielder Rubens Sambueza, looks up and tucks it in from well outside the box.

Toluca won the game 2-0, while Morelia went home with a lesson in getting ahead of yourself.


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