Marco Asensio pokes fun at David De Gea by calling him 'Karius' after World Cup errors 4 years ago

Marco Asensio pokes fun at David De Gea by calling him 'Karius' after World Cup errors

Slightly harsh on both De Gea and Karius, maybe

Manchester United bounced back from their 4-1 loss to Liverpool and wrapped up their pre-season tour of the United States with a 2-1 win over Real Madrid on Tuesday night.


José Mourinho was without all of his players who made it into the knockout stages of the World Cup for the tour, leaving him with no option but to field second string line ups, plus those players who didn't make it to the tournament such as Juan Mata and Alexis Sanchez.

David De Gea was one player to have played in the World Cup and also make it to the tour after Spain were knocked out in the round of 16 by Russia, and it was a tournament to forget for the goalkeeper, who made several errors during the tournament. The most significant of which came against Portugal, when he allowed a shot from Cristiano Ronaldo to slip through his hands.

De Gea's international teammates haven't let him forget about those mistakes, as shown last night when Real Madrid's Marco Asensio took the chance to poke fun at De Gea by calling him 'Karius'. The jibe is of course making reference to Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius' two mistakes against Real Madrid in the Champions League final in May.


De Gea seemed to take it well, as he stopped to greet his international teammates from the opposing team. I suppose the person to feel for in this situation is Karius, who has been turned into a meme after one bad game in which he suffered from concussion.