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22nd Nov 2018

WATCH: Marcelo Bielsa absolutely loved Patrick Bamford’s training ground volley

Simon Lloyd

We don’t think it’s Bielsa who shouts “Oh my days” in the immediate aftermath of this, but he still seems pretty happy about it

Patrick Bamford, retire now.

Yes, it may only have been on the training ground, but you’re probably not going to score a better goal than this. And even if you do, is it really going to make Marcelo Bielsa run half the length of a football field just to give you a hug? No. Probably not. You might as well just call it a day; bask in the glory of your sweetly struck Van Basten-esque strike. This is as good as it gets.

Posted to Twitter by Leeds United’s official account, Bamford is seen pinging home a superb dipping volley from an acute angle with his left foot.

A special goal, undoubtedly, but the reaction it gets from Bielsa somehow makes it even better. The 63-year-old Argentine instantly sets off running towards Bamford, gesturing to others to follow him and then greeting him with a (slightly awkward) hug.

Unfortunately for the Leeds boss, nobody else is quite so eager to congratulate him in such a way, and so he turns, pushes his glasses back up his nose, and walks back towards his starting point on halfway.

Here, just watch the thing.

A thing of beauty, we’re sure you’ll agree. Best of luck with the retirement, Patrick.