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27th May 2018

WATCH: Jurgen Klopp stays up with fans until 6am following Champions League defeat

This is how you take it on the chin

Kyle Picknell

What a man.

You know that Liverpool lost in the Champions League final on Saturday. You know that Mo Salah had to be taken off injured, and you know that Gareth Bale scored a wonder goal. You know that Sergio Ramos turned in an overwhelmingly Sergio Ramos showing, and you know that Loris Karius crumbled under the weight of expectation.

You know that Jurgen Klopp is a solid gold bloke. But just for good measure, remind yourself again:

Would Liverpool fans swap him for anyone else?

He’s lost three finals with the club, but rarely has a bond been stronger between the supporters and the manager.

Sometimes its not all about winning, sometimes its just about being there to experience it.