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17th Apr 2017

WATCH: Jack Grealish might just be back with absolute peach for Aston Villa

Conan Doherty

Jack Grealish has been on quite the journey.

He went from Irish superstar.

To highly-touted English youngster.

To second tier sub.

He was flying for Villa back in 2015 as Tim Sherwood led them on a whirlwind adventure, beating all around them in the league for a brief spell and surging to the FA Cup final.

Grealish really looked like the real deal but his club since dropped out of the Premier League for the first time ever and the former Irish underage midfielder hasn’t even started in half of their Championship games this season.

Small steps and all that.

Villa’s season is over. They’re not going to get promoted, they’re not going to get relegated. They’re just going to stumble to the finishing line now but they can at least enjoy some decent moments.

Especially when they come from unexpected sources like from their 21-year-old year against Fulham.

He has a lot more work to do before he can be declared as back though.

And even more work to do if anyone on this side of the water is going to care one jot what he does with his future.

In the end, it didn’t exactly count for much wither, with Fulham seeing Villa off 3-1.

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