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17th Jul 2018

WATCH: Inter Milan star elbows youth player during training ground game

The Italy international did not respond well

Wayne Farry

Some stars don’t take kindly to young players holding their own

What happens on the training pitch stays on the training pitch is a sentiment which was once true.

Unfortunately for footballers, the year 2018 is here with its internet and its social media and fancy technology, meaning that aside from the thoughts inside their heads, very little stays out of the public eye.

Inter Milan and Italy midfielder Antonio Candreva would do well to bear this in mind next time he feels the red mist descending on the training pitch.

During a recent training which was recorded and posted online, the 31-year-old can be seen receiving the ball and attempting to dribble past a defender on the opposing team, youth player Maj Roric.

Despite Roric’s youth and small frame he successfully holds off the advances of the former Lazio man, leading to a goal kick to Roric’s side.

Candreva can be seen immediately appealing for a corner kick, and when it’s not given you can see he doesn’t take it very well.

This becomes even more evident during the next phase of play when Roric receives the ball on the right wing.

Almost as soon as he touches the ball, the Slovenian midfielder manages to release it to a teammate. Within seconds however Candreva barrels in and delivers a swift elbow to the 18-year-old’s face.

He can be seen appealing for some sort of repercussions for the blatant foul, but it wasn’t forthcoming.

The lesson here? Either that you should know better than to play well against a senior player, or that some senior players need to grow up and leave their egos outside. It’s one or the other.