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08th Apr 2017

WATCH: Horse racing with UK garage commentary is actual genius


Nooruddean Choudry

This is sublime.

It’s that time of year again – when everyone you know, having failed to mention a single word about horse racing or betting tips for 364 days of the year, suddenly becomes a racing expert, with a cast-iron winner that’ll make you a fortune. They go from knowing nothing to bombarding you with info on form, the going, the direction of the wind, and what the jockeys had for breakfast.

If the constant bombardment of runners and riders and faux-expert analysis is getting a bit much for you, the amazing video below is the perfect tonic. Ross Brierley and Joshua Sadler, a.k.a. Ross and Josh from The Not So Late Show, have created something magical by combining horse racing footage with some very creative UK Garage style commentary.

It’s actually been around for a while but has gone viral this weekend due to the Grand National. Outstanding stuff…