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29th May 2016

Watch this MMA heavyweight take sportsmanship too far after beating former world’s strongest man


Ben Kiely

Let this be a lesson to everyone, you can easily overdo it in the sportsmanship department.

There are few greater sights in MMA than two fighters showing their respect for one another after going to war and leaving it all inside the cage.

With some members of the media portraying the sport in such a negative light, scenes of great sportsmanship in MMA can do a lot to improve the sport’s image. It can be a great way of showing that MMA isn’t some sort of barbaric bloodsport full of barbarians.

However, there is a fine line between showing your appreciation for your opponent and just blatantly taking the piss, as anyone who tuned into KSW 35 found out.

In the co-main event, Marcin Rozalski handed five-time World’s Strongest man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski his second straight loss, submitting his compatriot with a guillotine choke one minute and 46 seconds into the second round. Pudzianowski wasn’t happy with the finish and argued after the fight that he didn’t tap out, despite appearing to do so briefly with his left arm.

Pudzianowski looked absolutely fuming after the fight had finished which is why Rozalski’s decision to force him to accept his “touch of class” after the fight made for some humorous viewing. The victor grabbed his opponent’s arm and slung it around his shoulders before planting a big kiss on his cheek.

At that point, Pudzianowski clearly had enough and stood up to walk away.