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18th Jun 2017

WATCH: Floyd Mayweather’s first interview since McGregor fight was announced

The boxing champion has spoken.

Darragh Berry

“I was in retirement, but people wanted me back so I’m back.”

It’s finally happening after months and months of speculation. McGregor wasn’t going to rest easy until his needs were met and it was going to take someone of McGregor’s status to get this champion out of retirement.

McGregor has been very vocal and public about the fight with Mayweather and took to Twitter straight away when the news was announced.

Mayweather did post on Twitter also when the fight was made official but hasn’t actually said anything personally himself until Saturday when he was interviewed on the All Eyez on Me Red Carpet.

It’s obvious that McGregor has respect for his newest opponent and praised him on social media for his training ethic stating that he hopes he can still train when he’s that age.

In the interview, Mayweather complimented his opponent calling him an incredible fighter and claimed that he had to come back as it was the fight that people wanted to see.

Mayweather was asked about how much money he was making from the fight and although he did not disclose an exact figure, he did confirm that both sides were very happy with the deal.

You can see the full interview below.

Clip via BSOTV