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30th Jan 2016

VIDEO: Fighter suckers opponent with monstrous kick after clean knockout


Ben Kiely

Fans tuning into the ONE Championship 38: Clash of Heroes event on Friday were served up a reminder that “Pride (or at least Pride rules) never die” as long as the Malaysian MMA promotion exists.

The flyweight bout between Geje Eustaquio and Saiful Merican ended with a devastating first-round finish, with Eustaquio sending his Malaysian opponent crashing down to the mat with a left hook on the button.

After Merican fell down to the canvas in a heap, the Filipino fighter came sprinting in and landed a brutal kick before that was too quick for the referee to prevent.

Eustaquio was awarded the knockout victory at 1:21 of the opening round, which gave him his fourth win in ONE Championship. For those of you who are concerned, Merican was fine after the fight.