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10th Jun 2017

WATCH: Fans attack kickboxer in the ring after controversial knockout

Wil Jones

This certainly was an unexpected series of events.

When kickboxer Harut Grigorian turned his back on opponent Murthel Groenhart during their match at Glory 42, it turned out to be a catastrophic error. The ref didn’t stop the match, and Groenhart knocked out Grigorian while he wasn’t looking. It was completely in the rules, but it was certainly a controversial finish.

That in itself would have been a memorable moment – but what happened next was even wilder. At least one spectator (it looks like there might have actually been two invaders, but it is hard to tell for sure who’s who in the chaos) jumped into the ring to attack Groenhart, leading to a brawl with trainers and staff!

“Defend yourself at all times!” the commentator yells as Grigorian lies on the floor – good advice he should have taken.

It looks even crazier from this angle.