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01st Sep 2017

WATCH: Everton’s Farhad Moshiri calls up Sky Sports News and fans are convinced it’s an imposter

Judge for yourself - a lot of viewers are calling bullsh*t!

Nooruddean Choudry

Was that really him?

It was quite a night on the final evening of the summer transfer window if you were an Everton or Chelsea fan. In perhaps the most farcical escapade of a farcical day, confusion reigned over what was happening with England international Ross Barkley’s immediate future.

The expectation was that he’d end the week a Chelsea player with a £30m plus deal in the works, and indeed there were widespread reports that he was in fact in London undertaking a medical with the London club. But then, in a quite unbelievable plot twist, Sky Sports reported that Barkley had changed his mind half way through the examination.

Whether this is true or not – some are now claiming the player never in fact undertook a medical – Sky Sports News had a very good source verifying the story on live television – none other than Everton owner Farhad Moshiri. You don’t get much closer to the story than that, do you?

Well maybe you do. Because fans watching at home were convinced the man claiming to be the Iranian billionaire and happily chatting away to Jim White was in fact an imposter. Either that or they couldn’t get over how the wealthy investor sounded. Fake fonejacker or real deal? We’ll let you decide…