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15th Oct 2016

Anderson has been suspended for landing this punch on his teammate

The former Manchester United midfielder landed a haymaker..

Robert Redmond

It’s been a while since we heard from Anderson.

The former Manchester United midfielder returned to his native Brazil in January 2015, and hasn’t exactly set the world alight for Internacional.

Anderson’s most famous moment for the club, until now, came when he required an oxygen mask after being substituted.

The 28-year-old has been suspended by the Porto Alegre club after punching a teammate during training on Friday.

Anderson and William became involved in a heated row, the Brazilian defender confronted Anderson, who landed a punch before the scuffle was broke-up by teammates.

The pair have both been suspended by the club, but as Anderson last completed 90 minutes back in June, we doubt he’ll be missed.

It’s crazy to think Anderson was part of the United squad that won four Premier Leagues, two League Cups and the Champions League.

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