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01st Nov 2018

Watch an emotional Derrick Rose cry after defying all odds scoring 50 points

Will Lavin

It’s been a tough road for the Minnesota Timberwolves point guard

To say Derrick Rose has had a rough few years on the court is an understatement, which is why Wednesday night’s career-high 50 points for the Timberwolves versus the Utah Jazz was more than just a box score.

The former Chicago Bull entered the NBA in 2009. Drafted by his hometown team, the same team Michael Jordan won six championships with, it’s fair to say his career got off to a great start.

Winning Rookie of the Year in 2009, a season that saw him become the first Bull to score 10 points or more in his first 10 games since MJ, Derrick Rose – at 22 – then went on to become the youngest player ever to win the much coveted MVP. It was after this season that his troubles started to unfold.

After an unceremonious end to his career at the Chicago Bulls, Rose played one disappointing season with the New York Knicks, which included the infamous ‘disappearance’ night, then he signed on to join the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star-studded lineup last season, only to end up taking a leave of absence from the team before eventually being traded to the Timberwolves after being waived by the Utah Jazz.

And if being moved about like an army brat wasn’t enough, in-between all of the above Derrick Rose was plagued with multiple injuries that could have been career-ending. In 2012 he tore his ACL. In 2013 he tore his Meniscus. Then in 2015 he tore his Meniscus again.

This is why last night meant so much to him and his fans.

“Words can’t explain how I feel right now. It’s been a while,” Rose told a reporter after walking off the court to the crowd cheering “MVP! MVP!”

Scoring a career-high 50 points, he shot 19 of 31 from the field, four of seven 3-pointers and eight of 11 free throws. The 30-year-old played 41 minutes, his most in nearly two years.

He hit two free throws with 13.8 seconds left in the game, putting Minnesota up by three points, and also hustled back to block the final shot of the game by the Jazz’s Dante Exum, who with three seconds left on the clock could have tied the game.

Swarmed by his teammates on the court as the final buzzer sounded, the 2011 NBA MVP had trouble fighting back the tears.

“This is the first year in five years he didn’t have to go through rehab in the summer,” Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau said. “I know the person he is. I know the character he has. And it shines through.

“He has courage, he has humility and he has character. He’s maybe one of the most mentally tough people I’ve ever come across.”

Rose’s 50 points are the fourth-most scored by an NBA player this season, and is tied for the second-most ever scored by an NBA player on Halloween.

And it wasn’t just his coach or his teammates that were celebrating Rose’s epic performance, players from all over the league were quick to take to social media to commend the point guard.

Lebron James wrote:

“So extremely HAPPY AND PROUD of you bro!!! I seen it first hand how much you worked and dedicated on your body, craft, mind, etc etc just to play 1 game at a time! Perseverance is a mutha and this is the ABSOLUTE perfect definition of it!! Salute Bro! #DRoseforPresident”

Steph Curry posted:

“This is so dope Man! Can’t imagine the down days, weeks, months and years he went through. 50 ball!! So much respect bro.”

While Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen said:

“D!!! Incredible. He’s overcome so much. I couldn’t be happier to see him ballin. @drose”

Other tributes came from names like Chris Paul, Vince Carter, Dwayne Wade, Tristan Thompson, Al Horford and Jeremy Lin.