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31st Dec 2016

Alex Garcia starches Mike Pyle with one of the most terrifying knockouts you’ll ever see

An all-expenses paid trip to the shadow realm.

Ben Kiely

Alex Garcia was right up there with the fighters most likely to score a knockout at UFC 207.

At least that’s what the numbers gathered by Fightnomics suggested. Out of all the fighters on the stacked card, 41-year-old Pyle had the highest defensive knockdown rate by a long way. He came in bottom of the charts with a rate of 5.6%, well ahead of Neil Magny’s 4.4% who was next on the list.

Garcia, on the other hand, had a much more favourable defensive knockdown rate of 1.8% and an offensive rate of 3.5%. These figures seemed to illustrate that Pyle would be susceptible to a knockout, and sure enough, that’s exactly how the fight ended.

Garcia rendered Pyle unconscious with a ferocious overhand right as his opponent was moving forward in the opening round. The holy haymaker from hell had Pyle out cold before he even hit the ground, but unfortunately for the veteran,his head bounced off the canvas as he landed.

Thankfully, Garcia realised how brutal the knockout was and opted not to follow up with more shots on the ground allowing referee Dan Miragliotta to quickly award him the knockout victory just 3:34 into the contest.